Who are we and what do we do?

We at Emerald Coast Loss Claims, LLC (ECLC) are experienced Victim Advocates and Professionals trained to work on behalf of victims of crime, personal injury and various types of civil and human rights abuse. We also offer emotional support as well as a vast amount of experience fighting on behalf of victims of injustice everywhere.

Sometimes, as victim advocates, we at ECLC will assist in finding appropriate legal representation, possibly go to court with victims and their families, and walk you through the nightmarish journey so many seem to face alone.

ECLC Victim Advocates, with your permission may also contact groups and organizations, such as attorneys, criminal justice officials, social services, and others to get help or information for victims. Some ECLC Victim Advocates answer phone lines, manage offices and meet one on one with victims and their families.


Director: Mark Canfora Sr.

Born in 1958, Emerald Coast Loss Claims Victims Advocacy Director and Founder Mark Canfora Sr., grew up in a NE Ohio blue collar town and was raised by World War II Veteran Parents. As you will read, Mr. Canfora has firsthand and frontline experience on behalf of victims and the truth and justice they so desperately seek. In May of 1970, Mark came home from grade school and was informed that his oldest brother Alan had been shot and wounded during an anti-war protest at Kent State University. Mark’s only sister Roseann was also an eyewitness to the brutal killings of four unarmed students and the wounding of nine others.

From that point on, Mark’s life and that of his family would never be the same. After seven years of trials and a long term attempt for truth, justice and healing for the victims and their families; partial justice was finally served in the civil courts in 1977. No criminal charges were ever filed as the truth was covered up by the courts and the powers that be. The civil trial in the Federal Court in Cleveland Ohio did reveal through discovery and mountains of evidence that the shootings and deaths were truly  “unjustifiable, inexcusable and unwarranted.”

Over the last 40 years, Mr. Canfora has spearheaded many civil and human rights efforts on behalf of victims of tragedy, social injustice and various types of abuse. Mark’s own immediate family included. Below are just a few of Mr. Canfora’s recent accomplishments and experiences:

  • Founding Director/Street Mission for underprivileged children and the homeless with emphasis on Veterans; 1997-2003;
  • Advocacy on behalf of victims of Church and Clergy Sexual Abuse; 2003-Present;
  • Advocacy on behalf of victims of abuse, their families and fellow students; www.SafePCB.com 2009-Present;
  • Advocacy and Support for Parents and families that have suffered tragedy and child loss; www.WeveGotHope.com 2005-Present;
  • Author and Current Director of Mark Canfora Ministries, founded and named after his oldest child of five, Mark Canfora II. Sadly, Mark Jr. tragically passed away at age 18 in 2005; Mark Jr. was also a victim of police brutality, false arrest and false prosecution; all just prior to his passing; More at www.AliveinHeaven.com 2005-Present;
  • Emerald Coast Loss Claims: Advocacy on behalf of the 1,000,000,000 plus Victims of the Deep Water Horizon Blast and Oil Spill Catastrophe. The guilty party-British Petroleum (BP) is a REPEAT OFFENDOR and Guilty of Criminal Misconduct and is a three-time feloniously convicted Corporation. BP has recently been found guilty and criminally negligent in the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history in the Gulf of Mexico. 20010-Present;