Mark Canfora is a Victims Advocacy Director. Over the past 40 years, he has spearheaded a number of civil and human rights efforts on behalf of victims of tragedy, social injustice, and various types of abuse, including victims of church and clergy sexual abuse and parents who have lost a child. He currently runs Emerald Coast Loss Claims, which is focused on helping the victims of the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

His current campaign, “They Are BP” is a designed as a direct response to the media campaign that has recently been run by BP to create the impression that they have done good work cleaning up the spill and that the Gulf has been returned to its previous state. This campaign includes a website, a number of paid advertising spots on television and websites, and an 800 number that people can contact to share their stories and get access to help.

The website consists of information rebutting BPs statements with actual facts about the spill and the recovery process. It specifically portrays BP as repeat offenders of environmental and safety concerns and strives to show their sense of negligence, arrogance, and apathy towards the people they have injured.

Mark also has a “feet on the street” initiative where he meets with local community leaders to try to help determine their best course of action.

In Mr. Canfora’s mission, he has been encountering a number of people who need legal assistance. He would like to offer a deal to any interested firm, where he passes on any legal leads he encounters in exchange for helping to sponsor the campaign. Each run of the campaign lasts for 3 months, but interested law firms can get try out the program for one month free of charge.

Interested attorneys should contact Jay ( or Matt ( for more information