January 2001—BP paid $10 million to resolve allegations it violated the Clean Air Act at 8 of its refineries

February 2001—Minerals Management Service (“MMS”) fined BP $20,000 for workplace violations resulting in serious injury to an employee

August 2001—Worker killed at BP Texas City refinery

September 2001—Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) fines BP $141,000 after an explosion killed three workers at BP’s Clanton Road facility


January 2002—MMS fined BP $20,000 for a safety violation

May 2002—MMS fined BP $23,000 for a workplace safety violation that resulted in a worker having his hand injured from an electrical shock

May 2002—Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation required BP to pay a $150,000 fine for pipeline leaks

September 2002—MMS fined BP $39,000 for missing 13 monthly tests of an oil low level sensor


January 2003—BP fined $70,000 by MMS for a faulty fire water system

January 2003—BP fined $80,000 by MMS for bypassing pressure safety relays

July 2003—MMS fined BP $20,000 because a subsurface safety valve was blocked out of service


February 2004—MMS fined BP $25,000 because they had bypassed the oil rigs gas detections systems

March 2004—Explosion at the UU4 unit at BP Texas City

May 2004—Worker falls to his death inside a tank at BP Texas City

July 2004—MMS fined BP $190,000 for safety violations that resulted in a fire.

September 2004—Two workers are killed and a third is severely injured during a steam release at BP Texas City


March 2005—15 people are killed in an explosion at BP Oil Refinery in Texas City

May 2005—Worker dies at BP Cherry Point Refinery

July 2005—Explosion and fire at BP Texas City

September 2005—OSHA cited BP for 296 egregious willful violations associated with the March 23, 2005 explosion and fined BP $21 million dollars


April 2006—OSHA fines BP $2.4 million for safety violations at the Toledo, Ohio refinery

October 2006—MMS fined BP $25,000 because operations were not performed in a safe and workmanlike manner

February 2006—Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (“TCEQ”) fined BP $130,625 for unlawful releases of harmful pollutants at its Texas City refinery

March 2006—Major oil leak in Prudhoe Bay Alaska from a corroded pipelines operated by BP

July 2006—Worker dies at BP Texas City refinery


March 2007—US Chemical Safety & Hazard Board concluded that the Texas City disaster was caused by organization and safety deficiencies at all levels of the BP Corporation

April 2007—Chemical release at BP Texas City

June 2007—Worker dies by electrocution at BP Texas City.

August 2007—Diver killed at BP Cherry Point Refinery

October 2007—BP agreed to pay a $50 million fine and plead guilty to a felony violation of the Clean Air Act and will serve three years of probation for the Texas City refinery explosion

October 2007—MMS fined BP $41,000 for various safety violations

October 2007—BP pled guilty to a criminal violation of the Clean Water Act and paid a $20 million fine related to two separate oil spills that occurred in the North Slope in March and August of 2006


January 2008—BP employee dies BP Texas City


April 2009—Whistleblower files lawsuit against BP for breaking federal laws and violating their own internal procedures by failing to maintain crucial safety and engineering documents related to the Atlantis Deepwater Drilling rig

October 2009—OSHA fines BP an additional $87 million dollars for their failure to abate the violations from the March 23, 2005 explosion

December 2009—Texas jury returned a $100 million award against BP on behalf or workers injured in a 2007 chemical release


April 2010—OSHA fines BP $2 million for willful safety violations at the Toledo Ohio refinery.

April 2010—Explosion and fire destroys BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig, releasing millions of gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico